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Please check your children for HEAD LICE!!

Regular checks will save us ALL the 'delights' that are Head Lice!!

31st March 2021

Now all the kids are back to school it's very likely that there will be instances of Head Lice.

We kindly ask that you check all of your children regularly. This will save all of us a lot of time, money & embarrassment in the long run.

Unfortunately, if we do come across any cases in the shop, you will be asked to leave immediately, whereupon, we will close and a deep clean will be initiated, including all surfaces & tools.

If this should occur we will charge you for your appointment and, in some cases, a 'closure' fee of £30 (this is the equivalent cost of two 30 minutes appointments which will have to be cancelled to allow for closure and cleaning).

So please, check regularly and help us to help you.

Thank you for your understanding.


The  News You've Been Waiting For!!


Guys & Gals, we will finally be reopening on Monday 12th April (although this may still be subject to change)!!!

The booking system is now live and you’re free to book an appointment right now!

Please be advised that there will be significant changes for the foreseeable future and these are as follows...

  • Online booking only (contact details required for ‘Test & Trace’).

  • One In, One Out (you will be required to wait outside until your barber is free)

  • Maximum of 4 people (5 with parent & child) in the shop at anytime.

  • Only one Parent per Child 

  • Face coverings for all on the premises (These can be removed once you are seated in your barbers chair, not before.)

  • Hands sanitised on entry.

  • No bags/backpacks or unnecessary luggage

These restrictions will remain in place until we are given the full go-ahead to remove any & all by the government.

When booking online, please pay special attention to your ‘Confirmation Email’ for some basic instructions to help us out.

Also, if you have ANY signs of illness please DO NOT attend your appointment and follow the government guidelines on isolation.

If any of you have any concerns or special requirements please do not hesitate to contact us via email: